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“What a concert! … the evening finally ended with standing ovations and numerous sincere encores.” Robert Casanova, Made in USA (F)
“The good thousand spectators were not mistaken in giving Tony a standing ovation in return for holding them spellbound during the entire length of his show.”  Claude Rossier, Country News (F)
“The first word that comes to mind watching and listening is quality” Linedancer Magazine (UK)
“Recognizable in Lewis' music are the most diverse influences, gained during a life on the road.” Saarbrücker Zeitung (D)
“Three trips back to the stage and long ovations: the human tide that on Saturday night submerged the stadium of Mirande reserved a triumph for Tony Lewis.” La Dépêche (Toulouse, F)
“...he lives his music which, with tints of rock, blues and pop, still has it's roots strongly in country. Accessible and warm, Tony Lewis loves his work, and it shows.”  24 Heures (Lausanne, CH)
“Tony Lewis is as talented as many of the current Nashville warblers- and more than quite a few of them. You can't help wondering 'where the heck has this guy been all this time?’”.  Dance 4U (UK)
“Hailing from the USA, Tony Lewis is one mean honky-tonk performer” Country Goss'(UK)